Tree Trimming and Removal

Tree Trimming

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At Maven Landscape Services, we are trained in the art and science of trimming and removing your trees to reduce your properties liability risk while making your tress look more aesthetically pleasing and healthy. We offer tree inspections to uncover any issues that may cause serious damage to the trees or your property. During the inspection, we check for diseases, mites, and disoriented root growth that causes trees to die sooner and fall without warning. For the finished result, we make sure your trees are healthy and pleasing. We are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency tree service.

Bush and Hedge Trimming

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Bushes and hedges help bring any landscape appearance polished and inviting. At Maven Landscape Services, we not only trim your trees, but we have a full bush and hedge trimming service available when you need us. We can turn any old bush or hedge into a beautiful design with our pruning, shaping, and renewing services. Don't worry about the overgrown, dying, dead or unwanted branches and leaves, We take care of those problems with our trimming service, and we clean up while working so your property stays well maintained throughout our service.

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