Driveways and Walkways

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Our hardscape installation services will combine high-quality materials along with our reliable craftsmanship. At Maven Landscape Services, we make sure your driveway and walkways are durable throughout the years with our tough materials. The durability of our materials route from the interlocking stone pavers, and sand-jointed units we use during the development stage. We make the finished product smooth, durable, and flexible enough to prevent snapping and breaking from any type of movement or shift that might occur in the ground. If anything should happen to your hardscape, repairs and replacements are a breeze and will be fixed in a timely fashion.

Water Features

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At Maven Landscape Services, our team is trained in the knowledge of the design and development of high-quality crafted works. From fountains to ponds and pools, we have the materials that are just right to fit your needs. We use tough materials to make sure the finished product doesn't crack or have water seep through leading to the destruction of the product or mold. We specialize in restoring, remodeling, or repairing your current water feature or pool. We can remove years of damage, making your water feature or pool look brand new. At Maven Landscape Services, we design and build custom and artificial rock and waterfalls that can be used as added beauty and texture to your water feature.

Outdoor Features

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If you need a patio, we got you covered. At Maven Landscape Services, we have the right materials and tools to design the perfect patio to add extra comfort and style to your yard. Whether you want to lounge around or have guests over, we design and develop every patio to look great without wear and tear for years. Aside from patio designs, we create custom tile, brick, or concrete stairs leading to any part of your property. We make sure the finished result makes your home or commercial property more inviting.

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